IT Specialist (SYSADMIN) - Army National Guard Units (Title 32) (San Luis Obispo, CA)

The systems administered involve multiple computers that use multiple operating systems. The incumbent is responsible for installing and testing the system security configuration and monitoring, operating, troubleshooting and maintaining server hardware and software. This position description is for a National Guard Non-Dual Status (NDS) technician only. This position meets the criteria of the NDS Management Plan functions of the state National Guard; the incumbent is not subject to mobilization nor is the work described part of the military mission; and the incumbent does not perform a key advisory or essential administrative role that is inherently military. In addition, the position must meet one of the following. It does not have a comparable military function; the position is required in a full-time (civilian) role when the organization, or similar military position, is mobilized to perform continuing post-mobilization functions; or the position requires a skill or competency that necessitates technical expertise or professional qualifications that cannot be readily found in the military structure of the state military force. Full Performance Level is: GS-11 Source:

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